Directors and CEO

CA Pardeep Kumar Lakhani


  • Insolvency Professional,, FCA, DISA(ICAI)
  • Reg. No. (IBBI/IPA-001/IP-P00541/2017-2018/10966)
  • Gurgaon, Haryana

He is having practical experience under IBC while acting as IRP/ RP of the Corporate Debtor and assisting other IPs in CIRP and Liquidation proceedings.

He is empaneled with NCLT as RP/IRP/Liquidator/Bankruptcy Trustee and also empaneled with SEBI to act as administrator.

During the career as a Chartered Accountant of 25 years he gains extensive experience in Transfer Pricing Assignments, Corporate Restructuring, GST, Sales Tax and Service Tax, Statutory/Internal/stock Audits of Banks & FIs, Govt. Departments, listed/non-listed Companies, non-Corporate entities, NGOs, Social Organizations, Educational Organizations.

Other areas of experience include, issuing opinions conducting due diligence exercises, mergers & acquisitions, appearing before authorities, legal advisory services, etc. for various corporate clients. Actively contributing in making representations on various policy issues.

Founder and Managing Director