Advisory Services

Advisory Services under CIRP/Liquidation

(i) Assistance in CIRP Initiation:

  • To assist creditors in issuing notice of demand.
  • To assist in submitting information with Information Utility.
  • To assist in filing application by
    • Operational Creditor
    • Financial Creditor
    • Corporate Creditor

(ii) Assessment of Debt recoverability:

  • To assist in assessing the recoverability of the outstanding Debtors.
  • To assist in the future course of action for initiation of CIRP of the corporate debtor.
  • To assist in updation to entities by bringing to their knowledge of the initiation of insolvency proceedings against their debtors.

(iii) Claim Filing and Representation in COC:

  • To represent Creditor/Lenders in meetings of COC
  • To assist in preparation and filing of claim with IRP/RP/ Liquidator on behalf of creditors
  • To keep updated to entities by bringing to their knowledge of Public announcement of initiation of CIRP against debtors/trade receivables

(iv) Preparation of Resolution Plan and Representation:

  • To represent Resolution Applicant before IRP/RP and Committee of Creditors.
  • To assist in preparation of Resolution Plan in compliance of IBC, 2016 and other applicable laws.
  • To assist & represent Resolution Applicant in analyzing the viability of acquisition to be made i.e Due Diligence of the target acquisition.

(v) Support Services to Insolvency Professionals and COC:

  • Due Diligence of the Resolution Applicant/Bidder
  • Identification of Prospective Resolution Applicant/Bidder
  • Evaluation of Resolution Plan in accordance with IBC Code, 2016
  • To provide Forensic Audit/ Transaction Audit Services for avoidance transactions under IBC, 2016
  • Assistance in preparation of Information Memorandum/ Process Documents/ Evaluation Matrix
  • To act as Process Advisor to Resolution Resolution Professional