Directors and CEO

CA Rajneesh Ghei


  • Insolvency Professional,, FCA, DISA (ICAI), IFRS (ICAI)
  • Reg. No. (IBBI/IPA-001/IP-P-01948/2020-2021/13131)
  • New Delhi

CA Rajneesh Ghei is empaneled with NCLT as RP/IRP/Liquidator/Bankruptcy Trustee. He is assisting other IPs in Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process and Liquidation proceedings of the corporate debtors.

He is a practicing Chartered Accountants with more than 33 year of practical and rich experience in the field of Audit & Assurance of the Corporate entity engaged in Manufacturing, Construction, Real Estate, Power, Retail, Banking, Telecom, Insurance, Cooperative and Service Sectors. He has also conducted the audits of the entities promoted jointly by Indian and Foreign Governments.

He is also well versed in Income Tax matters pertaining to Individuals, Corporates and Trusts including representation before assessing and appellate authorities.

Founder and Managing Director