Directors and CEO

CA Mahesh Agarwal


  • Insolvency Professional, B.Com., FCA
  • Reg. No. (IBBI/IPA-001/IP-P01995/2020-21/13087)
  • New Delhi

He is providing support services to the Insolvency Professionals while under the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process/ Liquidation of the corporate Debtor.

He is also a practicing Chartered Accountant with experience of around 34 years. He has been appointed as a Branch Statutory Auditors of various Banks for more than 25 years and actively involved with Internal Audit, Concurrent and Stock audit of various branches of banks.

He specialises in diverse areas of finance including accounting, strategic and business planning, investor relations, corporate law, taxation, corporate governance, risk management, compliance, financial management, financial reporting, capital markets, fund raising and the like.

Founder and Managing Director