Companies Acts

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11 Short Title, Extent, Commencement and Application
22 Definitions
33 Formation of Company
43A Members severally liable in certain cases.
54 Memorandum
65 Articles
76 Act to Override Memorandum, Articles, etc.
87 Incorporation of Company
98 Formation of Companies with Charitable Objects, etc.
109 Effect of Registration
1110 Effect of Memorandum and Articles
1210A Commencement of business etc.
1311 Commencement of Business, etc.
1412 Registered Office of Company
1513 Alteration of Memorandum
1614 Alteration of Articles
1715 Alteration of Memorandum or Articles to be Noted in Every Copy
1816 Rectification of Name of Company
1917 Copies of Memorandum, Articles, etc., to be Given to Members
2018 Conversion of Companies Already Registered
2119 Subsidiary Company not to Hold Shares in its Holding Company
2220 Service of Documents
2321 Authentication of Documents, Proceedings and Contracts
2422 Execution of Bills of Exchange, etc.
2523 Public Offer and Private Placement
2624 Power of Securities and Exchange Board to Regulate Issue and Transfer of Securities, etc.
2725 Document Containing Offer of Securities for Sale to be Deemed Prospectus
2826 Matters to be Stated in Prospectus
2927 Variation in Terms of Contract or Objects in Prospectus
3028 Offer of Sale of Shares by Certain Members of Company
3129 Public Offer of Securities to be in Dematerialised Form
3230 Advertisement of Prospectus
3331 Shelf Prospectus
3432 Red Herring Prospectus
3533 Issue of Application Forms for Securities
3634 Criminal Liability for Mis-statements in Prospectus
3735 Civil Liability for Mis-statements in Prospectus
3836 Punishment for Fraudulently Inducing Persons to Invest Money
3937 Action by Affected Persons
4038 Punishment for Personation for Acquisition, etc., of Securities
4139 Allotment of Securities by Company
4240 Securities to be Dealt with in Stock Exchanges
4341 Global Depository Receipt
4442. Offer or Invitation for Subscription of Securities on Private Placement
4543 Kinds of Share Capital
4644 Nature of Shares or Debentures
4745 Numbering of Shares
4846 Certificate of Shares
4947 Voting Rights
5048 Variation of Shareholders' Rights